You’ve been chosen to be the next victim of a masked killer in a horror movie!


You wake up groggy, barely able to open your eyes. You try to sit up, but find that your hands and feet are bound to the chair you’re sitting in. You look around, trying to take in your surroundings, but it’s too dark to see much. Suddenly, a light comes on, blinding you for a few seconds before your eyes adjust. You’re in some kind of basement or cellar, and in front of you is a masked killer, holding a large knife.

The killer taunts you, telling you that you’re the latest victim in their sick game. They enjoy watching the terror in their victims’ eyes as they realize that they’re about to die. You try to plead for your life, but the killer isn’t interested in hearing anything you have to say. They’re going to enjoy watching you squirm as they slice you open with their knife.

You start to scream as the killer comes closer, the knife raised above their head, ready to strike. But before they can, there’s a loud crash and the killer is knocked to the ground. You look over to see your rescuer: a heroic figure, masked just like the killer, who has come to save you.

The killer gets back up and comes at you again, but your rescuer is ready this time. They fight the killer off, eventually getting the upper hand and slaying them with their own knife. As the killer’s body falls to the ground, the mask comes off, revealing their identity: it’s your best friend, who has been playing a prank on you.

You’re relieved and angry at the same time, but mostly just glad to be alive. Your friend apologizes for going too far and promises never to do anything like this again. You forgive them, but make them promise to never, ever scare you like that again.

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