World Record for Eating Most Hot Dogs Ever Set In Toronto


On Saturday night, the world record for eating the most hot dogs ever was set in Toronto, Canada. The record-breaking feat was accomplished by professional competitive eater, Matt Stonie. He managed to consume an incredible 41 hot dogs in 10 minutes!

The competition was held at the Dogfather, a hot dog shop in Toronto’s downtown core. The event was hosted by the International Federation of Competitive Eating (IFOCE). It was the first IFOCE-sanctioned event held in Canada.

The competition began with a 10-minute countdown timer. Stonie had to consume as many hot dogs as he could within that 10-minute window. The hot dogs were provided by the Dogfather, and the buns were provided by a local bakery.

Stonie began with a fast and steady pace, consuming about three hot dogs per minute. He quickly completed the first 20 hot dogs with more than half of the time remaining. He then slowed down his pace, but managed to finish the remaining 21 hot dogs just seconds before the time ran out.

When the time was up, the judges declared that Stonie had set a new world record. The previous record was held by Takeru Kobayashi, who consumed an impressive 37 hot dogs in 10 minutes.

The crowd erupted in cheers as the new world record was announced. Stonie was visibly elated and expressed his thanks to both the Dogfather and IFOCE for the opportunity to compete.

The Dogfather owner, Joe Russo, was also delighted with the outcome of the competition. He praised Stonie for his hard work and determination, and expressed his hope that the competition will help to raise awareness for his shop.

Stonie’s record-breaking accomplishment will go down in history as one of the most impressive feats of competitive eating ever. His 41 hot dogs were consumed in a mere 10 minutes. It’s a feat that may never be surpassed.

Congratulations to Matt Stonie for setting a new world record!

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