Why You Should Never Pour Milk Down the Drain


If you pour milk down the drain, it can cause all sorts of problems. First, milk is an animal product and when it mixes with water it can create a nasty sludge. This sludge can then clog your pipes and cause all sorts of problems. Additionally, milk is full of fat and when this fat mixes with water it can create a film on the inside of your pipes. This film can then attract all sorts of other things, like soap scum, hair, and grease, which can further clog your pipes. Finally, milk can also attract pests, like rats and roaches, which no one wants in their home.

So, what should you do with your milk instead of pouring it down the drain? You can pour it into your garden as a fertilizer or you can use it to make cheese or other dairy products. If you do pour it down the drain, make sure you do so very slowly and with hot water to help break down the fat.

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