Why You Should Never Flush the Toilet with the Seat Up


If you’ve ever been the victim of a surprise toilet bowl splash, you know why it’s important to always flush with the seat down. But even if you’re careful to close the lid before you flush, you may not be doing enough to prevent unwanted splashing. That’s because most toilets are designed so that the seat and lid must be in the down position in order to create an effective seal against the rim of the bowl. When the seat is up, there’s a gap between the seat and the bowl that allows water to escape.

So why does it matter if a little water escapes when you flush? Well, for one thing, it’s just gross. No one wants to be splattered with toilet water, no matter how clean it may be. But more importantly, flushing with the seat up can actually spread bacteria and other germs around your bathroom.

Think about it: when you flush the toilet with the seat up, the water that escapes from the bowl is likely to land on the seat, the floor, and even your clothes. And if there are any bacteria or other germs present in the bowl, they’ll be aerosmated along with the water. That means you could be exposing yourself and others to potentially harmful microbes every time you flush with the seat up.

So next time you go to flush, be sure to close the lid first. It’s a simple step that can help keep your bathroom clean and safe.

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  1. I had no idea that flushing with the seat up could be so harmful! I’ll definitely be more careful in the future to close the lid before I flush. Thanks for the heads up!

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