Why You Should Never Flush a Toilet with the Lid Up


There are many good reasons for why you should never flush a toilet with the lid up. First and foremost, it is a health hazard. Toilet water is full of bacteria and other nasty things that can cause you to get sick. When you flush with the lid up, all of that bacteria gets aerosolized and can easily make its way into your lungs and other parts of your body, causing you to get sick.

In addition to being a health hazard, flushing with the lid up can also cause some serious damage to your home. Toilet water is very corrosive and can eat away at the pipes and fixtures in your home, causing them to break down and leak. This can lead to expensive repairs down the line.

Finally, flushing with the lid up is just plain gross. No one wants to see your poop floating around in the toilet water. It is much more sanitary and polite to keep the lid down when you flush.

So there you have it, three good reasons why you should never flush a toilet with the lid up. Next time you have to go, be sure to close the lid before you flush.

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