Why squirrels can’t resist hoarding nuts


Squirrels have been around for millions of years, and during that time, they have been hardwired to hoard nuts for food. It is in their nature to hide and store these nuts for the winter months when food is scarce. This behavior not only ensures their survival in the cold months, but it also helps them to build a sense of security and prepare for the future.

In the wild, squirrels will find their favorite types of nuts, usually acorns, and create caches of food. They will collect large amounts and store them away in hollow trees, small underground burrows, and even in the branches of trees. The squirrels will carefully visit these caches multiple times a day and check on the nuts, making sure that they remain safe and secure.

The squirrel’s natural instinct to hoard nuts is incredibly strong. This instinct is so strong that even if the squirrel finds a new source of food, it will still make sure to store some of it away in a safe place. This behavior is known as “scatter hoarding” and it is an effective way for the squirrel to ensure its survival, as it means that it can access food when there is a shortage of its favorite nuts.

Aside from the instinctive nature of hoarder squirrels, there are a few other reasons why they are so keen to store away nuts. For one thing, squirrels love the taste of nuts, so being able to access them whenever they want is a big part of the appeal. Secondly, by storing away a supply of nuts, the squirrels can rest easy knowing that they are prepared for any period of food scarcity that may arise in the future.

Squirrels are also incredibly smart and resourceful creatures. They are able to recall the locations of their caches, and have even been known to travel long distances in order to retrieve them. This behavior allows them to build up a collection of nuts that they can access when food is scarce, and ensures that their hoarding behavior is rewarded with a reliable food source.

Squirrels’ hoarding behavior is a crucial part of their biology. By storing away nuts, they ensure that they have a steady supply of food throughout the winter months, and prepare for any future periods of food scarcity. This behavior is essential for the survival of these little critters, and is something that we can all learn from.

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