Why Odd Number Patterns Make for Better Design Choices


Odd numbers have long been a favored choice when it comes to creating more balanced and aesthetically pleasing design choices. Whether you’re choosing images for a website, arranging furniture in a room, or deciding on a layout for an advertisement, odd numbers often lead to more visually interesting and dynamic compositions. So, why exactly do odd numbers make for better design choices? Let’s explore this further.

First of all, odd numbers create asymmetry and a sense of visual variety. Symmetry is often seen as ideal in design, but odd numbers can add an element of dynamism to a composition. Take for example a website that has three columns in the design. Notice how one column stands out from the other two, creating a balanced yet asymmetrical look. Even numbers tend to create symmetry, but with symmetry, there’s a lack of visual interest.

Odd numbers also lead to better distribution of elements and objects. In a photograph, space is equally important as the objects that are placed in it, and odd numbers lead to better distribution of elements. For instance, if you’re composing a photograph with a person in the center and two other people on either side, using odd numbers can help to create a more balanced image. This applies to design choices like the arrangement of furniture in a room, too.

In addition to adding visual interest and helping with distribution of elements, odd numbers also give a sense of movement. When we look at a composition, our eyes tend to flow naturally along the objects, and odd numbers tend to make this flow more organic. Take for example a website where you have three images side-by-side. Notice how your eyes move from the first image to the second image and then to the third. This movement helps to create a sense of energy within the composition.

Finally, odd numbers can also help create a sense of hierarchy. This can be especially helpful in advertisements, where you want to draw the viewer’s attention to the main object or message. For example, if you’re creating an ad for a car, the car should be the focal point and the other elements should be arranged in a way that leads the viewer’s eyes to the car. This is easily achieved with odd numbers.

As you can see, odd numbers often make for better design choices. They add visual variety, help with distribution of elements, create a sense of movement, and can be used to create a sense of hierarchy. If you’re ever in doubt about which number of elements to use in your composition, odd numbers are often the better choice.

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