Why I’m glad I don’t have a smartphone


I’m glad I don’t have a smartphone for a number of reasons. For one, I like having a physical keyboard. I can type much faster on a physical keyboard than I can on a touchscreen, and I find it to be a more pleasant experience overall. Additionally, I think smartphones are a bit of a distraction. It’s easy to get sucked into your phone and start scrolling through social media or playing games when you should be doing something else. I also think they can be a bit of a security risk. I’ve heard stories of people’s phones being hacked and their personal information being stolen. I’m not saying that this couldn’t happen to me if I had a smartphone, but I do think it’s less likely.

Overall, I’m just not that interested in having a smartphone. I like my regular phone just fine and it suits my needs perfectly. I don’t need to be constantly connected to the internet or have all of my information at my fingertips. I’m perfectly content with my regular phone and I’m glad I don’t have a smartphone.

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