Why do we love cats so much?


There’s just something about cats, the way they move, the way they stare. And when you learn how to love them as they deserve—groom them, give them good food and scratch them, and offer them a litter box—you have created a bond that’s hard to break.

Sure, cats can be fickle—they may ungratefully ignore you when they’re having a bad day—but when they purr or rest their chin on your finger, they let you know that you really matter in their lives.

We love cats because they are such exquisite creatures. They’re like little bundles of muscle and fur that purr and stare at us with big, soulful eyes. They make us laugh with their silly antics and warm our hearts with their affection.

And we can’t forget how awesome they are at killing rodents and bugs—that’s always a bonus!

So why do we love cats so much? Because they’re simply the best creatures on Earth, and there’s no denying it.

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