Why do we forget things?


There are many reasons why we forget things. Sometimes it’s because we didn’t pay attention in the first place and other times it’s because the information wasn’t encoded properly. It’s also possible that we didn’t store the information in our long-term memory or that we retrieved it incorrectly.

One of the most common reasons for forgetting is something called retrieval failure, which is when we can’t access the information that’s stored in our memory. This can be due to a number of reasons, including:

The information was never stored in our long-term memory in the first place

The information was encoded incorrectly

The information was not retrievable due to interference from other information

The information has decayed over time

Another common reason for forgetting is forgetting cue. This happens when we can’t remember the information because we don’t have any clues or cues to help us retrieve it. For example, you might forget the name of a person you met at a party if you don’t have any other information to help you remember who they are.

Finally, it’s also possible that we forget things because we never learn them in the first place. This is called forgetting by not learning. It can happen when the information is presented to us in a way that we don’t understand or when we’re not paying attention.

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