Why do people keep calling me a “hipster”?


It seems that every time I turn around these days, someone is calling me a “hipster.” I have no idea why this is. I don’t consider myself to be particularly cool or trendy. I just dress and act the way I do because it’s what I like and it makes me feel comfortable.

Maybe part of the reason people keep calling me a hipster is because I don’t conform to mainstream norms. I’m not interested in what everyone else is doing or wearing. I’d rather be myself and do my own thing.

Another possibility is that people see me as a hipster because I’m into indie music and independent films. I don’t necessarily like everything that’s popular just because it’s popular. I prefer to find and support the underdog.

It could also be that people are calling me a hipster because of the way I dress. I tend to wear vintage clothes and interesting accessories. I’m not afraid to stand out from the crowd.

Whatever the reason, I’m not too bothered by it. If people want to call me a hipster, that’s their prerogative. I’m just going to keep being myself and doing what I love.

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