Why Being Bored Is The New Happy


Boredom, long seen as a source of despair, is actually the new happy. Boredom can actually put us in a better frame of mind and bring us some much-needed peace and relaxation. Being bored offers us a chance to unplug and reflect, can help us find new interests and rediscover old ones, and can actually boost our creativity and productivity.

The idea of being bored is often seen as a negative experience, usually associated with feelings of restlessness and frustration. But boredom is actually a positive emotion and can be quite beneficial to us when embraced. Being bored allows us to get off the hamster wheel of our daily lives and take a break. It’s a time when we can press the reset button and recharge. Without this break, we can become too bogged down in our daily routines and lose sight of our goals. Taking a break from our daily routines can give us some much-needed perspective and help us get back on track.

Being bored can also help us find new interests and rediscover old ones. When we’re bored, we’re free to explore our wants and needs, to discover what it is that we truly enjoy doing. This exploration can lead us to new hobbies, projects, and ideas. Revisiting old interests can be just as fulfilling. We may find that something we thought we were uninterested in can bring us joy and inspiration.

Finally, boredom can actually be beneficial to our productivity and creativity. Boredom can help us come up with solutions to problems, come up with new ideas, and get our creative juices flowing. It can be beneficial to step away from a project for a bit so that we can have some new eyes on it and gain a new perspective. It can also help us break through writer’s block and other creative roadblocks.

In conclusion, boredom is not something to be feared but embraced. It can help us reset, find new interests, and boost our creativity. So don’t be afraid to embrace the boredom and reap the rewards that come with it.

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