What Would Happen if Everyone on Earth Disappeared?


If everyone on Earth disappeared, the planet would be a very different place. The first thing that would happen is that all of the animals would be left without any caretakers. This would lead to mass starvation and death for many of them. The ones that were able to survive would eventually start to take over the world. The next thing that would happen is that all of the plants would start to die. This is because they rely on humans to pollinate them. Without us, they would not be able to reproduce and would eventually die off. The world would start to become a very dark and barren place.

The atmosphere would also change without humans. The amount of carbon dioxide would increase, which would cause the temperature to rise. This would create a greenhouse effect and make the Earth uninhabitable for many species. The oceans would become more acidic as well, which would kill off many marine creatures.

eventually, the Sun would expand and consume the Earth. This is because there would be no one around to stop it. Without humans, the Earth would become a very different place.

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