What happens when your adult children move back home?


When adult children move back home to live with their parents, it can be a difficult transition for both parties. On one hand, parents may feel relieved that their adult child is back home, but they can also worry that they may not be able to provide the support and guidance needed to help their child succeed in the adult world. On the other hand, adult children can feel embarrassed or ashamed to be back home, and they may feel like they’re taking advantage of their parents’ hospitality.

To help ensure a successful transition when adult children move back home, it’s important for both parties to have a conversation about expectations, boundaries, and roles. This is especially true if the adult child is returning home after college, or if they’re coming back from a failed attempt at living independently.

One of the key things to discuss is the length of time the adult child will stay at home. It’s important to establish a timeline and an end date for the move-in, to ensure that the adult child is not overstaying their welcome. It’s also important for parents to be clear about the financial obligations of their adult child while they live at home. The parents may expect the adult child to help with rent, groceries, and other bills; they may also expect that the adult child will stay in the house on a full-time basis and contribute to the household duties.

It’s also important to discuss the rules and boundaries of the household. It’s important that both parties respect each other’s privacy and autonomy, and that the adult child follows the rules and guidelines of the household. This includes coming home at a reasonable hour, not hosting large gatherings at the house, and following any curfews.

It’s also essential to have a conversation about the adult child’s personal and professional goals. This is the perfect time for parents to provide their child with the advice and guidance needed to help them embark on a successful career path. Parents may also want to help their adult children find a job, or even provide them with financial assistance if necessary.

Finally, it’s important for both parties to take time to enjoy each other’s company. This is a great opportunity for adult children to reconnect with their parents and to spend quality time together.

When adult children move back home, it’s important to remember that it’s a temporary situation. With clear expectations, boundaries, and roles, both parties can make the transition as smooth as possible. This is a great opportunity for parents to provide invaluable support, guidance, and love to their adult children.

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