Twitter now supports animated GIFs


Twitter has long been a go-to platform for sharing GIFs, but until recently, those GIFs had to be static images. Now, however, Twitter supports animated GIFs.

To share an animated GIF on Twitter, simply find the GIF you want to share, copy the URL, and paste it into your tweet. When you share the URL, Twitter will automatically convert it into an animated GIF.

If you want to share a GIF that you’ve created yourself, you can upload it to Twitter just like any other image. To do so, click the “Add media” button when composing a tweet, select the GIF file from your computer, and click “Open.”

Once you’ve added the GIF, you can edit it just like any other image, including cropping, adding filters, and even reversing the animation.

supported GIFs are limited to 5MB for uploading. However, you can upload a GIF from another service like Giphy or Imgur without any size restrictions.

When it comes to viewing animated GIFs on Twitter, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, not all browsers support animated GIFs. If you’re using an older browser, you may see a static image instead of an animation.

Second, animated GIFs can consume a lot of data. If you’re on a mobile device or have a limited data plan, you may want to disable animated GIFs in your Twitter settings. To do so, go to your “Data usage” settings and uncheck the “Always show images” option.

If you’re unsure whether Twitter supports animated GIFs, you can check before you tweet by copying the URL of the GIF you want to share and pasting it into the Twitter search bar. If the URL converts into an animated GIF, you’ll know that Twitter supports it.

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