This New Plane Can Park Itself!

white united airlines plane
Photo by Pascal Renet on

A new type of airplane has been developed that can reverse and parallel park, thanks to its cockpit being located at the back of the plane.

The benefits of this new design are numerous. For starters, it means that the plane can be easily manoeuvred in tight spaces, something that is often difficult with traditional planes.

It also means that the plane can be better balanced, as the weight is more evenly distributed. This can help to improve fuel efficiency and make the plane more stable in flight.

There are also safety benefits, as the cockpit being at the back of the plane means that it is better protected in the event of a crash.

The new design has been developed by a team of engineers at Airbus, and it is hoped that it will be rolled out across the company’s fleet in the future.

So far, the new airplane has only been tested in computer simulations, but it is hoped that it will soon be put through its paces in the real world.

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