The world’s oldest cat


Lulu, a 26-year-old Siamese cat, is believed to be the world’s oldest living cat, according to her owner, Vicki Maloney, of Australia. Lulu was born on March 11, 1989, and she currently resides in Sydney.

Lulu’s long life can be attributed to her diet and lifestyle. She eats a diet of wet food and dry food, and she enjoys a daily treat of chicken. Lulu is also an indoor cat, which protects her from diseases and injuries that can be contracted outdoors.

In her 26 years, Lulu has seen a lot of changes. She has lived in three different homes and has been owned by four different families. Lulu has also outlived two of her feline companions.

Despite her age, Lulu is still active and playful. She enjoys chasing balls and climbing trees. Lulu’s owner says that she is in good health and has no plans to retire her beloved cat anytime soon.

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