The world’s most Hated Fruit


The world’s most hated fruit is the durian. This prickly, smelly fruit is native to Southeast Asia, and is infamous for its strong odor. Many people say that durian smells like rotting flesh, and its taste is often described as “bitter” and “pungent.” The flesh of the durian is also notoriously difficult to eat, as it is full of large seeds.

Despite its unpleasant smell and taste, durian is actually a popular fruit in Southeast Asia. It is often used in desserts, and is even eaten fresh by some people. However, its strong odor has made it banned from many public places, such as hotels and airports.

Why is durian so hated by so many people? There are a few theories. One is that its strong smell is simply too much for some people to handle. Another is that the taste is acquired, and many people simply haven’t acquired a taste for it yet. Whatever the reason, there’s no doubt that durian is one of the most polarizing fruits in the world.

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