The world’s first python-powered car has been invented!


A team of engineers in the United Kingdom has invented the world’s first car powered by Python, the popular programming language. The car, which is based on a Raspberry Pi computer, can reach speeds of up to 30mph and has a range of up to 12 miles.

The engineers, who are all members of the Python Software Foundation, say that the car is “100% Python powered” and that it is the “world’s first Python-powered car”.

The car’s chassis is made from 3D-printed plastic and it is fitted with a battery, motors, and a controller board that runs the Python code. The team says that the car is “fully open source” and that all of the Python code that powers it is available on GitHub.

The car’s creators say that they wanted to build a car that could be “built by anyone, anywhere in the world”. They also say that they hope to inspire other people to use Python to build their own innovative creations.

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