The world’s biggest cat has been found in Australia!


The world’s biggest cat has been found in Australia! This feline, who goes by the name of “Kitty”, is a whopping 4 feet long and 3 feet tall. She weighs in at a whopping 200 pounds! Kitty is a Maine Coon, a breed of cat that is known for being large. However, even among Maine Coons, Kitty is a whopper! She was found by her owner, who lives in Brisbane, Australia.

Kitty’s owner says that she has always been a big cat, but she has really begun to bulk up in the past year. She now eats about 4 cans of wet food a day, and her favorite food is chicken. Kitty also loves to play with her toys, and she has a lot of them! She has so many, in fact, that her owner has had to start storing them in the garage.

Kitty is a friendly cat, and loves to be around people. She is also very curious, and loves to explore her surroundings. Her owner says that she is always the first one to investigate anything new in the house. Kitty is a very special cat, and her owner is very proud of her.

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