The Unexpected Benefits of Sleeping with a Dog


For most people, the idea of sleeping with a dog is simply a matter of companionship. They like the idea of having a furry friend to snuggle up with at night, and they appreciate the extra layer of warmth that a dog can provide. But there are actually a number of unexpected benefits to sleeping with a dog that you may not have considered.

For starters, sleeping with a dog can help to ease anxiety and promote better sleep. If you suffer from anxiety or insomnia, having a dog in the bed with you can help to ease your symptoms and allow you to get a better night’s sleep. The dog’s presence can also help to create a feeling of safety and security, which can be very helpful for those who have anxiety disorders.

In addition, sleeping with a dog can help to reduce stress levels. If you find yourself feeling stressed out or overwhelmed, spending some time snuggling with your dog can help to take the edge off. The physical contact can help to release tension and the calming presence of your dog can help to lower your overall stress levels.

Finally, sleeping with a dog can also help to boost your immune system. Dogs can help to reduce the amount of dust and allergens in the air, and they also have been shown to increase the levels of certain antibodies in the body. This can help to fight off colds and other illnesses, and it can also help to improve your overall health.

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