The Truth About Writing Effective Email Subject Lines


Email is one of the most important forms of communication in the business world, so it’s essential to ensure that your emails are read. A great way to do this is to write effective email subject lines.

When people receive emails, they usually make a split-second decision as to whether they will open it or not. Writing an effective subject line can determine whether your email gets read or not. A well-crafted subject line can capture the recipient’s attention and draw them in to read the message.

So, what makes a good email subject line? Here are some tips for crafting an effective email subject line:

1. Keep it Short and Concise:

When writing an email subject line, it’s important to keep it short and to the point. Emails with long subject lines can appear intimidating and can be ignored. Aim to keep your subject line to under 50 characters so that it can easily be read in the preview window.

2. Use Action Words:

Using action words in your email subject line can help to draw the recipient’s attention. Action words can instantly convey the purpose of your email and help to make it stand out from the rest.

3. Be Specific:

Being specific in your subject line can help to ensure that your email is opened. A vague subject line can leave the recipient uncertain as to what the email is about, so make sure you make the subject line clear and concise.

4. Offer Value:

Offering value in your email subject line can be a great way to entice the recipient to open your email. Examples of value offering subject lines include “Learn How To Improve Your SEO Rankings” or “Get Special Discounts On Our New Products.”

5. Personalize:

Personalizing your subject lines can be a great way to capture the recipient’s attention. Using the recipient’s name, company name, or even a nickname can make your emails stand out from the crowd.

6. Avoid Spam Triggers:

It’s important to avoid words and phrases that could trigger spam filters. Examples of words and phrases to avoid include “free,” “money,” and “no obligation.”

7. Test and Track:

Testing different subject lines can help to determine which ones are the most effective. You should also track the effectiveness of your subject lines to see which ones are working the best.

Writing effective email subject lines can be a great way to ensure that your emails are read. By following the tips outlined above, you can create subject lines that will help to capture the attention of your recipients and ensure that your emails are opened.

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