The Top Ten Most Annoying Things about Air Travel


1. The long security lines. It seems like every time you fly, the security lines are longer and longer. And with the increased security measures, it can take forever to get through security.

2. The TSA. Speaking of security, the TSA can be a pain. They’re supposed to make flying safer, but sometimes they can be overly aggressive and make the flying experience more stressful.

3. The crowds. There’s nothing worse than being cramped in a small space with a bunch of strangers. And when you’re flying, you’re usually packed in like sardines.

4. The delays. Delays are just part of flying, but they can be really frustrating. Especially when you’re trying to catch a connecting flight.

5. The cancellations. Cancelled flights are even worse than delays. When your flight gets cancelled, it can throw off your whole travel schedule.

6. The lost luggage. Losing your luggage is always a risk when you travel. And it’s even more frustrating when you’re trying to catch a connecting flight and your luggage is nowhere to be found.

7. The bad food. Airplane food is notoriously bad. And it’s even worse when you’re stuck on a long flight with nothing to eat but airplane food.

8. The crying babies. There’s nothing wrong with babies crying on planes. But it can be really annoying when you’re trying to sleep or watch a movie and there’s a crying baby a few rows away.

9. The seat kickers. You know those people who kick the back of your seat the whole flight? They’re the worst.

10. The turbulence. Turbulence can be really scary, especially when it’s bad. But even if it’s not bad, it can still be really annoying.

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