The top 10 reasons why I hate people


1) People are inconsiderate. They cut in line, steal parking spots, and generally do whatever they please without thinking of others.

2) People are hypocritical. They preach about being tolerant and open-minded, but are quick to judge and condemn others.

3) People are dishonest. They lie, cheat, and steal without any regard for the consequences.

4) People are ungrateful. They take for granted the good things in their lives and complain about the bad.

5) People are unkind. They say and do hurtful things without any thought for the pain they cause.

6) People are selfish. They think only of themselves and their own needs and wants.

7) People are greedy. They want more than they need and are never satisfied with what they have.

8) People are intolerant. They judge others based on their race, religion, or lifestyle.

9) People are close-minded. They refuse to listen to new ideas or accept that they could be wrong.

10) People are annoying. They talk too much, are always right, and think they know everything.

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