The Top 10 Myths About Cats


Cats are often misunderstood creatures. For centuries they have been associated with witchcraft and bad luck, when in reality they are loving, loyal and often very helpful around the house! Here are 10 of the most common myths about cats, debunked!

Myth 1: Cats are aloof and don’t show affection

Cats are often seen as independent, aloof creatures that don’t show affection. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth! Cats are very capable of showing love and affection, and often form strong bonds with their owners. They may not express it in the same way as dogs, but they definitely feel it!

Myth 2: Cats are evil

This one is probably the most common, and also the most ridiculous! Cats have been associated with evil and witchcraft for centuries, but there is no basis for this whatsoever. Cats are loving, loyal creatures that make great companions – there’s nothing evil about them!

Myth 3: Cats are bad luck

Another common myth is that cats are bad luck. This is again based on the false belief that cats are somehow connected to witchcraft. In reality, cats are often considered to be lucky symbols and are said to bring good luck to their owners.

Myth 4: Cats always land on their feet

It’s a common belief that cats always land on their feet, but this is actually not true. Cats do have a very strong sense of balance, and they often do land on their feet when they fall, but it’s not guaranteed.

Myth 5: Cats are lazy

Cats are often seen as lazy creatures that do nothing but sleep all day. While it’s true that cats do spend a lot of time sleeping, they are actually very active creatures. They need to sleep a lot because they burn a lot of energy when they are awake – they are constantly moving, stalking and playing!

Myth 6: Cats are dirty

Another common myth about cats is that they are dirty animals. This is simply not true – cats are actually very clean creatures. They groom themselves regularly and hate to be dirty. If your cat is dirty, it’s likely because they’ve been outside and got themselves muddy or covered in something.

Myth 7: Cats are stupid

This myth is probably based on the fact that cats don’t seem to respond to commands like dogs do. However, this doesn’t mean that cats are stupid – they just don’t understand human language. Cats are actually very intelligent creatures, and they are very good at reading body language and understanding what their owners want.

Myth 8: Cats are untrainable

Another myth about cats is that they are untrainable. This is also untrue – cats can be trained, it just takes a bit more patience and effort than dogs. Cats are smart creatures and they can learn tricks and commands, but they need to be motivated with treats or toys.

Myth 9: Cats are solitary creatures

It’s often thought that cats are solitary creatures that don’t like to socialize, but this isn’t the case. Cats are social animals and they love to interact with their owners and other cats. They may not be as outgoing as dogs, but they still enjoy companionship.

Myth 10: Cats are dangerous

The final myth on our list is that cats are dangerous. This is probably based on the fact that cats have sharp claws and teeth, but they are actually very gentle creatures. Cats only use their claws and teeth in self-defense, and they are very unlikely to hurt their owners unless they feel threatened.

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