The story of the woman who lived her life as a cat


In 2008, a woman named Lynea Lattanzio made headlines when she moved into a house with 11 rescue cats. It was the beginning of an eccentric new phase in her life, one in which she would gradually become more and more like a cat herself.

Lattanzio had always loved animals, and she’d been rescuing cats for years. But living with so many of them was a new experience, and it wasn’t long before she started to adopt their habits. She began sleeping in a cat bed and eating cat food. She stopped using furniture and started using scratching posts. She even started meowing.

Lattanzio’s transformation was so complete that, to the outside world, she appeared to be a cat herself. She even started wearing cat clothes and groomed herself with a cat brush. Her friends and family were initially concerned about her odd behavior, but they soon came to accept it.

Now, more than 10 years later, Lattanzio is still living as a cat. She currently has 28 rescue cats in her home, and she has no plans to change her lifestyle. She says she’s happy and content living as a cat, and she hopes to help others understand and accept their own eccentricities.

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