The story of the little girl who finds a star


One day, a little girl was walking through the forest, looking for a special place to make a wish. She had been told that if she found the right place, and she made a wish to the stars, her wish would come true. The little girl had been wishing for a very long time to find a star.

She had looked everywhere, but she just couldn’t find one. But she kept on looking, because she believed that one day she would find a star. And then, one day, she did. She found a star lying on the ground, just shining there for her.

The little girl was so happy that she had finally found a star. She picked it up and made a wish. And then she went home and put the star in her room, and she slept with it under her pillow.

The next day, when the little girl woke up, she went to look for her star. But it was gone. She looked everywhere, but she just couldn’t find it.

She was so sad that she had lost her star, but she was still happy that she had found it in the first place. Because now she knew that her wish had come true.

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  1. This is a beautiful story about believing in your dreams and never giving up. The little girl’s persistence paid off in the end, and her wish came true. This story is sure to inspire anyone who reads it.

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