The stories of the people who lived in Easter Island’s ‘body houses’ are fascinating


The stories of the people who lived in Easter Island’s ‘body houses’ are fascinating. These people were the island’s first inhabitants, and their tales of life in the ‘body houses’ are an intriguing glimpse into the island’s past.

The body houses were built by the early inhabitants of Easter Island, and were used as homes for the people and their families. The houses were made from stone and timber, and were designed to protect the inhabitants from the harsh weather conditions on the island. The houses were also used as places of worship, and were decorated with paintings and carvings of the gods and goddesses that the early Islanders worshipped.

The body houses were built around a central courtyard, which was used as a meeting place for the community. The houses were often built on top of hills, so that they would be visible from all over the island.

The early inhabitants of Easter Island were a peaceful people, and they lived in harmony with nature. They were skilled farmers, and their crops provided them with food and clothing. They also hunted and fished for food, and gathered fruits and nuts from the forest.

The early Islanders had a rich culture, and their stories and folklore are still remembered today. One of the most famous stories from Easter Island is the story of the ‘Bird Man’. This is a story about a man who could transform himself into a bird, and who flew around the island catching fish for the people.

The people of Easter Island were also skilled in carving, and their carvings can be seen in many of the body houses. The carvings depict scenes from everyday life, as well as scenes from the Island’s history.

The body houses on Easter Island are a fascinating glimpse into the past, and the stories of the people who lived in them are an important part of the Island’s history.

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