The secret life of cats: What they do when we’re not around


Sure, you think you know everything there is to know about your feline friend. After all, they spend most of their time lounging around your home, sleeping, eating, and using the litter box. But what do they do when you’re not around?

As it turns out, cats lead pretty secret lives when their human companions are away. Here’s a glimpse into the secret life of cats:

1. They Sleep…A Lot

Cats are notorious for their love of napping, and for good reason. Studies have shown that cats spend an average of 16 hours per day sleeping. That means they spend nearly two-thirds of their lives catching some Z’s!

While they may sleep a lot, that doesn’t mean they have boring dreams. In fact, cats have been known to dream about hunting and playing, just like they do when they’re awake.

2. They Love to Play

Contrary to popular belief, cats are not lazy creatures. In fact, they love to play and can be very active, especially when they’re young.

If you’ve ever seen your cat running around wildly or chasing invisible prey, they’re actually engaging in a natural hunting behavior. When they’re not busy napping or eating, chances are your feline friend is spending their time playing.

3. They’re Natural Explorers

Have you ever come home to find your cat perched atop a high piece of furniture or hiding in a tight space? It’s no coincidence – cats love to explore their surroundings, and they’re not afraid of heights or tight spaces.

This natural curiosity helps them stay sharp and alert, and it’s one of the things that make them such good hunters.

4. They’re Good Hunters

Speaking of hunting, cats are natural predators. In the wild, they spend a good portion of their time hunting for food.

While your indoor cat may not have to worry about hunting for their next meal, they still enjoy playing games that simulate the hunting process. This is why so many cats love to play with string or small toys that they can “capture.”

5. They Communicate in Their Own Way

Cats may not be able to speak our language, but they’re very good at communicating with their human companions. They do this through a variety of body language cues, such as meowing, purring, and even blinking slowly.

Of course, cats also communicate with each other through body language and vocalizations. If you’ve ever heard two cats “talking” to each other, they’re actually engaging in a complex form of communication.

6. They Have a Keen Sense of Smell

Cats have a very strong sense of smell, which is why they love to rub their faces against things. This is their way of marking their territory and leaving their scent behind.

This keen sense of smell also comes in handy when they’re hunting. They can use their nose to track down prey, even if it’s hidden from sight.

7. They’re Fast and agile

Cats are known for their speed and agility, and they can thank their evolutionary history for that. For centuries, cats have had to rely on their quick reflexes to escape predators and capture prey.

This natural athleticism also makes them great jumpers. In fact, some cats can jump up to five times their own body length!

8. They’re Clean Animals

Cats are naturally clean animals and they love to groom themselves. This helps them keep their fur clean and free of parasites.

It also helps them stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. When cats groom themselves, they’re actually stimulating the production of natural oils that help protect their fur.

9. They’re Social Creatures

Contrary to popular belief, cats are actually very social creatures. They love to spend time with their human companions and they form strong bonds with other cats.

In fact, cats in the wild often live in large groups called colonies. These colonies help cats stay safe from predators and increase their chances of finding a mate.

10. They Have Their Own Personalities

Just like people, cats have their own unique personalities. Some are shy and reserved while others are bold and adventurous.

Whatever their personality, cats are complex creatures that are capable of forming strong bonds with their human companions.

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