The Science Behind Why We Talk to Our Plants


When one thinks of communicating with plants, the first thing that often comes to mind is a film or television show depicting a person talking to their plant in a sort of monologue, often with an implied expectation that the plant will respond. While this may seem ridiculous, the truth is that there is a scientific basis for why we talk to plants and why it might be beneficial.

Most plants, like all living things, have an ability to sense and interpret their environment. One way they do this is through a process called “phototropism”, which is the inclination of a plant to grow toward or away from a light source. This is why plants tend to grow toward the sun. However, plants also possess other senses, such as the ability to sense sound.

When we talk to plants, we are actually communicating with them at a molecular level. Our words contain vibrations that reach the plant, stimulating its cells and releasing hormones. These hormones signal the plant to grow in a certain direction and can even help to heal wounds. Additionally, the sound waves can encourage the release of certain hormones that increase the rate of photosynthesis, making plants more productive.

Talking to plants can also affect their growth in other ways. Plants that are talked to tend to be healthier and more robust, with greener leaves and more blooms than their non-talked-to counterparts. This is because talking to plants can also cause a release of plant hormones that help to regulate growth and development. In addition, the sound of our voice can encourage the release of certain compounds that stimulate the production of chlorophyll, which helps to create the vibrant green color of plants.

In addition to the scientific evidence, there is also anecdotal evidence that talking to plants can be beneficial. For centuries, gardeners have found that their plants thrive when they talk to them. This could be because of the soothing sound of the voice, which can help to reduce stress and make the plants more likely to thrive.

So, while it may seem silly to talk to plants, the science behind it actually makes a lot of sense. By talking to our plants we are stimulating their growth and development in ways that they wouldn’t be able to do on their own. So the next time you’re in the garden, take a moment to talk to your plants and give them the nurturing they need!

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