The Sad Reality of Life as a Garbage Man


Most people don’t think about garbage men until they need to put their trash out on the curb. But for the men and women who work as garbage collectors, dealing with other people’s trash is a way of life. And it’s not always a pleasant one.

Garbage collectors typically work long hours, often in hot weather, and the job can be physically demanding. But the pay is relatively low, and the working conditions can be hazardous.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for a garbage collector in the United States is just over $36,000. That’s less than the median annual salary for all occupations, which is just over $37,000.

And while the job doesn’t require a college degree, it does require a lot of physical strength and stamina. Garbage collectors typically have to lift heavy bags of trash and load them into garbage trucks. They also have to be careful not to injure themselves or others while on the job.

The working conditions for garbage collectors can be hazardous. They’re exposed to potentially harmful materials, like rotting food and sharp objects. They also face the risk of being hit by a car or truck while working.

Despite the challenges, there are some people who find satisfaction in working as a garbage collector. They enjoy the physical nature of the job and the opportunity to work outdoors. And they take pride in knowing that they’re helping to keep their community clean.

But for many garbage collectors, the job is simply a way to make ends meet. They would prefer to have a different job, but they can’t find anything else that pays as well.

So they continue to work long hours, in difficult conditions, for relatively little pay. It’s a sad reality for many garbage collectors, but it’s the reality they face every day.

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