The Perils of Plastic Pollution: How We Can Save Our Oceans


The world’s oceans have been under threat for decades, but the threat of plastic pollution has become an increasingly alarming situation. Plastic pollution is not only a hazard to marine life and the environment, but it is also a growing concern for human health. Every year, billions of tons of plastic waste enter the ocean, leading to a dramatic decrease in the health of our oceans and all of the life that depends on them.

Plastic pollution is primarily caused by two sources: improperly disposed of plastic waste and plastic production. When items made of plastic such as straws, bottles, bags, and containers are not disposed of properly, they end up in our waters. As these items break down, they release microplastics, which are tiny pieces of plastic that are nearly impossible to clean up. Microplastics can accumulate in marine life and make their way into their food, leading to serious health problems to the marine life, as well as the food that humans consume. Additionally, the production of plastic is incredibly energy intensive, leading to increased carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere.

In order to combat plastic pollution, we must first understand its sources. Reducing plastic production is the first step. There are a variety of ways to do this, such as using more recyclable materials, reducing the amount of single-use plastics, and encouraging companies to use more sustainable packaging options. Additionally, we can look for ways to reduce our own plastic consumption by carrying reusable bags, switching to reusable straws, and refusing plastic packaging when possible.

Another way to reduce plastic pollution is to ensure that all plastic waste is properly disposed of. This means utilizing recycling programs in cities and towns, or creating composting systems for food and plastic waste. Additionally, it is important to educate people about plastic pollution and the dangers it poses to marine life and the environment. Organizations such as The Plastic Pollution Coalition and The Ocean Conservancy are great resources for educating people on the dangers of plastic pollution and providing ways to combat it.

Finally, we must work to reduce marine debris by cleaning up our beaches and waterways. Community groups, such as Surfrider, are leading the way in coastal clean up efforts. They work to promote beach clean ups and other events that help reduce marine debris. Additionally, they provide resources and tools to help people better understand the dangers of plastic pollution and how they can help.

Plastic pollution is a growing issue that is causing serious harm to our marine life and environment. It is important that we take steps to reduce our plastic consumption and properly dispose of the plastic we do use. Additionally, we must work together to clean up our beaches and waterways and to raise awareness of the dangers of plastic pollution. Only then can we work together to protect our oceans and all of the life that depends on them.

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