The Perfect Christmas Tree Decorating Strategy for Busy Parents


Christmas trees are a focal point of the holiday season and can be a great experience to decorate with family. But busy parents often find that they don’t have enough time to dedicate to the task of decorating a tree. To make the task of decorating a Christmas tree easier, here is the perfect Christmas tree decorating strategy for busy parents.

1. Choose the Right Type of Tree

The first step to a perfect Christmas tree is choosing the right type of tree. It’s important to pick a tree that is not too tall or too wide for your space, as this will help you avoid overdoing it on decorations. For busy parents, a slim tree may be the best option to save time and hassle.

2. Pick Simple Ornaments

When it comes to ornaments, it’s best to pick ones that are simple and easy to hang. Busy parents may want to avoid intricate ornaments that require extra time, such as hand-painted glass ornaments. Instead, look for basic ornaments made from plastic or simple fabric that you can quickly hang on the tree.

3. Hang Lights First

It’s best to hang the lights first so that you know where to place the ornaments. This will make the process much easier and faster. When it comes to lights, an alternating pattern is the most classic and timeless look. You can also choose a theme for the lights such as all-white, colored or multi-colored.

4. Add Garland and Tinsel

Garland is a great way to add texture to the tree and is relatively easy to hang. You can also add a few strands of tinsel to give the tree a festive and shimmery look.

5. Place the Ornaments

Once the lights, garland and tinsel are in place, you can start to add the ornaments. Start with the biggest ornaments first, and fill in the gaps with smaller ones. Hang the ornaments in clusters, alternating between different sizes and colors.

6. Add a Topper

Finally, it’s time to top the tree with a topper. This can be an angel, star or anything else that you like. The topper is the finishing touch that ties the entire look together.

By following this strategy, busy parents can quickly and easily decorate the perfect Christmas tree. With a little bit of planning and the right decorations, your tree will be the centerpiece of your holiday decorations.

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