The New iPhone App That Lets You Know If Your Friends are Nearby


If you’re anything like me, you’re always wondering if your friends are nearby. Well, wonder no more! There’s a new iPhone app that lets you know when your friends are close by.

The app is called Nearby Friends, and it’s made by the same team that brought you Facebook Messenger. Nearby Friends lets you and your friends share your locations with each other. You can choose to share your location with specific friends or with everyone.

If you opt to share your location with everyone, the app will use your phone’s GPS to constantly update your location. This means that your friends will always know where you are. If you’re worried about battery life, don’t worry – the app is designed to use very little battery power.

If you share your location with specific friends, they’ll only be able to see your location when you’re both using the app. You can also choose to share your location for a specific period of time, like an hour or a day.

Nearby Friends is a great way to keep tabs on your friends and family. It’s also perfect for meeting up with friends in crowded places, like festivals or stadiums.

So if you’re looking for a way to stay connected with your friends, check out Nearby Friends!

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