The Mysterious Case of the Missing Mashed Potatoes


It was the strangest thing.
One day, the mashed potatoes had been there, sitting on the dinner table, piping hot and buttery, ready to be served up with a big scoop of succulent gravy.

The next day, they were gone… vanished as if by magic!

This is the mysterious case of the missing mashed potatoes. At first, nobody could believe their eyes. Where had the mashed potatoes gone?

The family living in the house were all questioned, but none of them had had anything to do with the disappearance. Everyone swore they hadn’t seen or eaten the mashed potatoes.

The family then decided to call in a detective to investigate the strange disappearance.

The detective arrived with a magnifying glass and a notepad. He began by interviewing the family members one by one. No one had any information on the missing mashed potatoes.

The detective then turned to the kitchen. He searched the cupboards, the fridge and the pantry, but he couldn’t find a single trace of the mashed potatoes.

He then decided to search outside the house. Maybe the mashed potatoes had been taken out of the house and thrown away. But no matter how hard he searched, he couldn’t find the mashed potatoes anywhere.

Finally, the detective decided to try something different. He made an announcement in the local newspaper asking anyone with information on the missing mashed potatoes to come forward.

The next day, to the detective’s surprise, someone actually did come forward. A woman who lived in the same neighbourhood had seen someone suspiciously carrying a bowl of mashed potatoes away from the house the day before.

The detective followed the woman’s lead and eventually tracked down the missing mashed potatoes. It turned out that a hungry fox had sneaked into the house during the night and had stolen the mashed potatoes!

The detective returned the mashed potatoes to the family and the mystery was finally solved. The family was relieved and thankful for the detective’s help.

From then on, the family was extra careful to make sure the fox didn’t come back for seconds.

And so ends the mysterious case of the missing mashed potatoes.

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