The man who saved Christmas


It was a dark and stormy night. The wind was howling and the rain was coming down in sheets. In the midst of all this, a man was walking down the street. He was carrying a large bag over his shoulder and he had a determined look on his face.

This man was on a mission. He was going to save Christmas.

The man’s name was Bob Cratchit and he worked as a clerk in a small office. His boss, Mr. Scrooge, was a mean and stingy man who cared only about himself. Bob was paid very little and he had a family to support.

One day, Bob came to work and found that Mr. Scrooge had fired all the other clerks. Bob was the only one left.

Mr. Scrooge told Bob that he was going to have to work twice as hard for half the pay. Bob was so upset that he almost quit. But he thought of his family and he knew he had to keep his job.

The days passed and Christmas was getting closer. Bob was working harder than ever but he was still barely getting by. He was worried about how he was going to afford Christmas dinner for his family.

Then, one day, Bob had an idea. He went to see Mr. Scrooge and asked if he could have the day off on Christmas Eve. Mr. Scrooge was surprised but he agreed.

Bob went home and told his wife, Tiny Tim, and the rest of his family the good news. They were all so excited. They knew they would have a wonderful Christmas dinner after all.

The day before Christmas, Bob went to the market and bought the best Christmas dinner his money could buy. He even got a little something extra for Tiny Tim.

On Christmas Eve, Bob came home from work and everything was ready. His family was gathered around the table and they all had big smiles on their faces.

The food was delicious and the conversation was cheerful. Bob was so happy that he had saved Christmas for his family.

Later that night, Bob went to bed with a warm feeling in his heart. He knew that he had done something special. He had saved Christmas.

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