The man who lives without a shadow


There was once a man who lived without a shadow. He was a strange man, and people were often scared of him because they couldn’t see his face. He would always wear a hooded cloak to cover himself, and he would never speak to anyone.

The man had no shadow because he had no soul. He was born without one, and so he could never cast a shadow. He didn’t know why this was, but he accepted it. He lived his life in the darkness, never seeing the light of day.

People would often whisper about the man, and they would say that he was cursed. They would say that he must have done something terrible in his past life to have been born without a soul.

The man didn’t care what people said about him. He was content to live in the darkness and never see the light of day.

One day, a woman came to the man and she asked him to come with her. She said that she could see his soul, and she wanted to help him.

The man was hesitant, but he decided to go with the woman. He followed her into the light, and for the first time, he saw his own shadow.

The man was amazed. He had never seen his shadow before, and he was finally able to see himself.

The woman told the man that he wasn’t cursed, and that he was just like everyone else. The man was happy to finally have a soul, and he thanked the woman for helping him.

The man lived happily ever after with his new shadow.

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