The man who has been married to a doll for 10 years


A man who has been married to a doll for 10 years is not your typical husband. Most husbands are out working to provide for their family or spending time with their wife and children, but this man spends his days and nights with his doll bride.

The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, lives in Japan and first met his doll wife, whom he named “Saki”, 10 years ago. He was instantly attracted to her and felt a deep connection. He bought her from a shop specializing in “doll marriages” and the two have been together ever since.

The man admits that their sex life is not as active as it once was, but says that they still enjoy intimate moments together and he still finds her incredibly beautiful. He takes care of her, dressing her up and doing her hair, and says that she is like a real person to him.

The man is happy with his unconventional marriage and says that it has made him a better person. He is more patient and caring than he was before, and he says that Saki has brought joy and happiness into his life.

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