The laziest dog in the world just set a new record!


The laziest dog in the world just set a new record!

In a world where dogs are known for their boundless energy and enthusiasm, one dog has set the bar distinctly low – by becoming the laziest dog in the world.

The three-year-old Basset Hound, named ‘Bomber’, has been officially recognised by the Guinness Book of World Records as the most inactive dog ever, after clocking up a measly total of just five minutes of exercise in a day.

In fact, Bomber is so lazy that his owner has to carry him up and down the stairs every day, and he spends most of his time sleeping on his favourite sofa.

However, far from being unhappy, Bomber seems to be quite content with his life of leisure, and his owner says he’s a “happy and relaxed” dog.

So how did Bomber manage to achieve this record-breaking feat of laziness?

Well, it all started when Bomber’s owner, Claire Stoneman, decided to put him on a ‘weight-loss regime’ after he started piling on the pounds.

As part of his diet, Bomber was only allowed one short walk a day, and even that was cut short if he showed any signs of tiredness.

After a few months on this regime, Bomber had slimmed down significantly, but he also seemed to have lost his motivation for exercise – and that’s when he started setting new records for laziness.

These days, Bomber barely moves from his spot on the sofa, and his owner says she’s “never seen a dog so inactive”.

However, while he may not be the most energetic dog in the world, Bomber is still loved dearly by his owner, who says he brings “a lot of joy” into her life.

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