The Internet Is Being Held Hostage by a Single Company


The internet is under siege. A single company has taken control of the lion’s share of internet traffic and is holding the internet hostage. This company is known as Google.

Google has become so large and so powerful that it now controls over 70% of all internet searches. It also owns the world’s largest video site, YouTube, as well as the world’s largest social networking site, Facebook. In addition, Google has its own email service, Gmail, and its own mobile operating system, Android.

With all of this control, Google has become the de facto gatekeeper of the internet. If you want to reach the masses online, you have to go through Google.

And Google is using its power to manipulate the internet in favor of its own interests.

For example, Google has been caught deliberately skewing its search results to favor its own products and services. When you search for something on Google, the company’s algorithms are designed to push Google’s own products and services to the top of the results page, regardless of whether or not they are the best results.

In addition, Google has been using its power to stifle competition. The company has been accused of antitrust violations in both the United States and Europe.

Google is also using its power to censor the internet. The company has been caught censoring Search results in China and blocking certain websites in its Chrome web browser.

All of this control that Google has over the internet is dangerous. It’s time for the company to be broken up.

The internet needs to be free and open, not controlled by a single, powerful company.

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