The incredible shrinking man


In the late 1950s, an American man by the name of Charles Lindbergh III mysteriously began to shrink. His height decreased by a few inches each day, and his weight dropped precipitously. In just a few months, Lindbergh had shrunk to less than four feet tall.

Lindbergh’s case baffled doctors. X-rays and other tests revealed nothing physically wrong with him. His bone density and muscle mass were normal. Even his organs seemed to be functioning properly.

The only explanation was that Lindbergh was suffering from a rare condition known as primary pituitary dwarfism. In this disorder, the pituitary gland, which regulates growth hormone production, doesn’t work properly. As a result, people with the condition don’t grow to their full height.

Interestingly, Lindbergh’s shrinking didn’t stop when he reached his final height. He continued to shrink at the same rate, losing another two inches over the next two years.

At his lowest, Lindbergh weighed just 35 pounds and was barely three feet tall. He was so small that he had to wear children’s clothes and sleep in a crib.

Incredibly, Lindbergh’s shrinking stopped as suddenly as it started. For no apparent reason, his pituitary gland began working properly again and he stopped getting smaller.

Today, Lindbergh is a healthy man in his seventies. He’s still quite small, but he’s managed to lead a relatively normal life. He’s married and has children and grandchildren.

Lindbergh’s story is truly incredible. It’s a reminder that, even in the modern world, there are still mysteries that remain unsolved.

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