The Grandmother Who Put A Stop To Human Trafficking


The name of the grandmother who put a stop to human trafficking is Romina Hernandez. She is a 59-year-old grandmother from El Salvador who stands as a hero in the fight against human trafficking.

Romina’s story began when she met a young girl from El Salvador named Mara, who had been trafficked. Romina, who had once been a victim of domestic violence herself, was determined to help Mara and other trafficking victims. She took it upon herself to create an organization in her community to help victims of trafficking.

Romina founded the organization, which she named “Every Voice For A Child” (EVFC), in 2015. One of the primary objectives of EVFC was to protect young people from being trafficked. To accomplish this, Romina and her team of volunteers developed a strategy that involved community outreach, awareness-raising, and legal aid.

The organization faced many hurdles in its mission to stop trafficking, as El Salvador is a country with high rates of violence, poverty and organized crime. Despite these challenges, Romina and EVFC were successful in creating a safe and secure environment for victims of human trafficking.

Romina’s work was recognized by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) in 2018, which awarded her the N-Peace Network Award for her work in ending human trafficking in her country.

Romina’s story is an inspiring one that shows how one person can make a huge difference. She has proven that with determination and courage, it is possible to put an end to human trafficking. Her story has also empowered other victims to come forward and demand justice.

Romina’s story is a reminder to us all that even one person can make a difference. We all have the power to make a difference, and it starts with being aware of the issue of human trafficking and speaking out against it. Together, we can put an end to human trafficking.

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