The dog who ate a $10,000 diamond


Once upon a time, there was a dog who ate a $10,000 diamond. The dog, who we’ll call Spot, was a very good dog. He was a loyal companion and a great friend to his owner. Spot was always happy and always wagged his tail when he saw his owner.

One day, Spot’s owner went to a jewelry store and bought a beautiful diamond necklace. The necklace was very expensive, and it cost $10,000.Spot’s owner was very happy with the necklace and he showed it to Spot.

Spot was curious about the necklace and he sniffed it. Then, Spot decided to taste the diamond. He bit into the diamond and started to chew on it.

Spot’s owner was very angry when he saw what Spot had done. He yelled at Spot and scolded him. Spot didn’t understand why his owner was so angry. He thought he was just being friendly and trying to taste the diamond.

Spot’s owner was so angry that he took the diamond necklace back to the jewelry store and returned it. He told the store owner what had happened and the store owner was very surprised.

The store owner said that Spot was the first dog that had ever eaten a diamond. He said that it was very rare for a dog to do something like that.

The store owner gave Spot’s owner a new diamond necklace and told him to keep it safe. Spot’s owner was very happy and he put the necklace around Spot’s neck.

Spot’s owner learned his lesson and he never left Spot alone with a diamond necklace again.


  1. That’s a really funny story! I’ve never heard of a dog eating a diamond before. It just goes to show that you can’t take your eye off your dog for a second, no matter how good they are!

  2. This is a really funny story. It’s amazing that the dog actually ate the diamond. I’m glad that the store owner gave the owner a new necklace.

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