The Dangers of Sleeping with Your Phone Under Your Pillow


We’ve all been there: after a long day of work (or play), we collapse into bed, phone in hand, and before we know it, we’ve fallen asleep with our phone under our pillow. While this may seem like harmless behavior, sleeping with your phone under your pillow can actually be quite dangerous. Here’s why:

1. You Could Be Electrocuted

If your phone is plugged in to charge overnight, there is a risk of electrocution if it falls under your pillow. Even if your phone is not plugged in, there is still a risk of electrocution if the battery comes into contact with metal objects (like coins or keys) while under your pillow.

2. You Could Start a Fire

If you are charging your phone overnight, there is also a risk of starting a fire. This is because charging your phone creates heat, and if your phone is under a pillow, that heat has nowhere to go. If the heat builds up enough, it could cause your phone to catch fire.

3. You Could Damage Your Phone

Sleeping with your phone under your pillow can also damage your phone. This is because pillows are often made of materials that can attract dust and other particles. Over time, these particles can build up on your phone’s screen and cause scratches.

4. You Could Miss an Emergency Call

If you have your phone under your pillow, you may not hear it if it rings. This could mean missing an important call from a family member or friend. In a worst-case scenario, you could miss an emergency call from a hospital or first responder.

5. You Could Lose Your Phone

If you sleep with your phone under your pillow, there is a risk of losing it. This is because pillows can move around during the night, and if your phone falls out, it could end up under the bed or in another room.

While the risks of sleeping with your phone under your pillow may seem low, it is important to be aware of them. If you must use your phone before bed, be sure to charge it in another room and keep it away from your pillow.

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