The couple who had twins without knowing it


In October of 2013, Paul and Angela went to their local hospital in Utah for what they thought would be a routine ultrasound. They were shocked when the technician told them that not only were they having one baby, but two. They were ecstatic, but also a little bit nervous since they had only planned on having one child.

The next few months were a blur as they prepared for the arrival of their twins. They read everything they could about twins and how to care for them. They bought all the necessary gear and set up two cribs in their small home.

The twins, a boy and a girl, were born healthy and happy in February of 2014. Paul and Angela were over the moon and couldn’t believe they were finally parents.

The first few months were tough as they learned how to care for two babies at the same time, but they soon got into a routine. The twins are now five years old and are the best of friends. Paul and Angela still can’t believe they have twins and are so grateful for their beautiful children.

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