The cat that wouldn’t stop meowing!


Once upon a time, there was a cat that wouldn’t stop meowing. No matter what her owners did, she just kept on meowing. She meowed when she was hungry, she meowed when she was thirsty, she meowed when she wanted to go outside, and she even meowed when she was just plain old bored.

One day, her owners had had enough. They went to the store and bought a can of tuna, hoping that if they fed her she would finally be quiet. But no matter how much tuna they gave her, the cat just kept on meowing.

At first, they tried to ignore her, but it was impossible. The cat followed them around everywhere, meowing nonstop. She meowed when they were watching TV, she meowed when they were trying to sleep, she even meowed when they were in the bathroom.

eventually, the couple couldn’t take it anymore. They packed up their things and moved out of their house, leaving the cat behind.

The cat, of course, kept on meowing.

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