The Brave Mom Who Home-Schools Her Special Needs Child


When it comes to parenting, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. For some parents, home-schooling a child with special needs is an ideal way to ensure the child receives specialized instruction and the best possible care. But for one brave mom, home-schooling her special needs child isn’t just a great idea — it’s a matter of survival.

Meet Heather, a single mother of two — Derek and Renee. Derek is a typical seven-year-old boy who loves playing video games and playing with his toys. He’s active and loves to learn. Renee, on the other hand, is a special needs child with a rare medical condition that causes her to have difficulty forming memories and regulating her emotions.

Heather had always dreamed of sending Derek and Renee to a traditional school, but soon realized that the public school system was not prepared to serve the needs of a special needs student. She was faced with the difficult decision of either placing Renee in a special needs school — something that would be expensive and would mean she wouldn’t get the one-on-one attention she needed — or take matters into her own hands and home-school her. After much deliberation, Heather chose the latter.

Heather had no idea what she was getting into. She quickly learned that home-schooling a special needs child was no easy task. She had to learn special techniques to teach subjects like math and science that would help Renee retain the information. She had to make sure Renee was receiving the proper nutrition and exercise to stay healthy. She also had to manage both of her children’s emotions, as Renee’s condition caused her to experience sudden outbursts that could be difficult to handle.

But Heather was determined to make it work. She took classes online to learn more about special needs education and enrolled in special workshops to learn the best strategies for teaching her daughter. She also created an individualized curriculum for Renee that was tailored to her specific needs.

Heather’s hard work and dedication paid off. After a few years of home-schooling, Renee is making great strides. She can now recognize numbers, letters, and shapes, and can even understand basic math concepts. She can also communicate with others, albeit slowly, and has learned to control her emotions.

Heather’s story is an inspiration. She is living proof that with determination, love, and hard work, anything is possible. Her brave and selfless decision to home-school her special needs daughter has not only improved Renee’s life, but also the lives of their entire family. Heather is a true hero and a shining example of what a mother’s love can do.

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