The boy who cried wolf


Once upon a time, there was a little boy who lived in a village near a forest. The boy loved to play tricks on the villagers and he would often cry, “Wolf! Wolf!” when there was no wolf. The villagers would come running to help the boy, but they would always be angry when they found out that he had tricked them.

One day, a real wolf came to the village and began to terrorize the people. The boy saw the wolf and cried out, “Wolf! Wolf!” but this time, the villagers did not come to help him. The wolf chased the boy and was about to catch him when the boy ran into a nearby house.

The villagers came to the house and found the boy safe. They were very angry with him for tricking them again and they decided to teach him a lesson. They took him out into the forest and left him there overnight.

The boy was terrified and he cried for help, but no one came. The next day, the boy was found by a group of hunters who were out tracking the wolf. The boy was happy to be found and he learned his lesson about lying.

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