The 5 people you’ll meet in high school


1. The Cheerleader: You’ll meet the cheerleader in your high school’s gym. She’s the one leading the cheers and getting the crowd pumped up for the game. She’s outgoing and always has a smile on her face. She’s popular and always has her friends around her.

2. The Jock: The jock is the star of the high school football team. He’s cocky and confident. He’s always talking about himself and how great he is. He’s popular with the girls and always has a date to the homecoming dance.

3. The Brain: The brain is the top of the class. She’s the one who gets straight A’s and is always studying. She’s quiet and shy. She’s not popular, but she’s respected by her peers.

4. The Rebel: The rebel is the bad boy of the school. He’s got a motorcycle and he’s always getting into trouble. He’s the one the teachers are always talking about. He’s not popular with the girls, but the guys think he’s cool.

5. The Outsider: The outsider is the one who doesn’t fit in. He’s the weirdo who always has his nose in a book. He’s not popular and he doesn’t care. He’s happy being who he is.

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