Study shows that people who read books live longer


A new study has found that people who read books live longer than those who don’t. The study, conducted by researchers at Yale University, looked at 3,635 people over the age of 50 and found that those who read books for just 30 minutes a day were 23 percent less likely to die over the next 12 years than those who didn’t read at all.

The study controlled for a number of other factors, including education level, gender, marital status, health conditions, and whether the participants smoked. Even when controlling for these factors, the researchers found that reading was associated with a longer life.

The study didn’t look at why reading might lead to a longer life, but the researchers have a few theories. It could be that reading helps keep the mind sharp and that people who read are more likely to have engaged and active lifestyles.

whatever the reason, the findings add to a growing body of evidence that shows that reading is good for you. A 2016 study found that reading can reduce stress, and a 2017 study found that reading can improve sleep quality.

If you’re looking for a way to improve your health, picking up a book might be a good place to start.

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